The Bristol Jamia Mosque


The Jamia Mosque in Totterdown was created in 1968 and was the first mosque in Bristol.

It was established by the newly formed Bristol Muslim Association for the Muslim community, who lacked a proper place to worship. They purchased the disused St Katherine's Church in Totterdown from the parish council to use as a mosque. In 1980 the building was further adapted and a dome and minaret were added.

The Jamia Mosque remains a focal point for Muslims in the region today and is the largest mosque in the south-west of England.

Inside is a main hall carpeted with colourful prayer mats, where sermons are delivered from a Syrian wooden mimbar. There is also a women's prayer hall, classrooms where children can study the Qur'an and an event hall used for religious celebrations, weddings, funerals and a variety of other meetings.